Strategic Communications

About Us

Strategic communication describes the activities of disciplines including public relations, communication, and advertising. The strength of strategic communications is in its emphasis on strategy rather than on specific tactics as well as its focus on communications understood holistically. The purposeful use of strategic communication by an organization to fulfill its mission Identifies key concepts, including audience analysis, goal setting, message strategy & voter targeting.

POLLTICS has been involved with the formulation and application of electoral messages in dozens of campaigns over the last one decade. Our team of creative staff are adept at designing compelling messages that connect the ideals and interests of voters to the objectives of our political clients. We deploy techniques developed and revolutionized over years of running political and issue based campaigns to help you achieve your goals in a measurable way. Candidates in any situation rely on an ability to communicate with the electorate and have their messages resonate with voters. Messaging in this sense is a nuanced process whereby the messages themselves, the audiences they address and indeed, the avenues via which they are delivered must be carefully considered for maximum effect.

Polltics provides strategic communication services to companies, NGOs, advocacy organizations, and political campaigns to tell your story to the right audiences. Whether it’s managing a crisis, rebranding an organization, or developing a targeted media campaign, we deploy techniques developed and revolutionized over decades of running political and issue campaigns to help you achieve your goals in a measurable way.

Polltics Strategic Communications Services:

  1. Communications Strategy and Tactical Planning – Our team develops external and internal communication strategies that broaden reach and expand organizational impact. Through close collaboration, we guide your critical conversations and build online and offline presence. We help you develop and execute communications and external relations plans in support of your priority partnerships, policies and philosophies. Our goal is to align your communications outreach practices with your organizational or brand objectives, business goals and overall strategy.
  2. Social Media –  Social media is increasingly empowering individuals, communities and organizations to be able to both produce and consume content. Social media permits wider (or more targeted) geographic reach, greater audience penetration, and rapid real-time information exchange. Polltics is expert in integrating and implementing social media strategies. Facebook, Twitter and other “game changers” such as data visualization are core to our outreach, especially to unique populations groups, ages and geographical locations. We strategically and tactically expand your online presence. Building you as a thought leader. Evaluating and monitoring for course corrections if needed.
  3. Digital & Visual Storytelling – Visual storytelling through digital media takes planning, talent and just the right tools. We supply them all. Online voter engagement and community building can help spread your message beyond the limits of traditional campaigns and empower previously unrepresented groups of voters.
  4. Media Production – Our storytellers are media producers who tap into many tools to tell your story. Most organizations can no longer afford to hire a variety of specialists. Our team is passionate about all types of content, and not stove-piped by using either traditional or new media. Writing. Photography. Video. Graphics. Embracing new technologies, we can combine text, audio, video and photography.
  5. Branding – Bold visual identities can be created for campaigns using dynamic branding, which can then be disseminated to the public via marketing collateral and merchandise, from t-shirts to bumper stickers.
  6. Targeted Messaging – By understanding the motivations and needs of your electorate you can create messages that directly address their concerns and win them over to your campaign and policy platform.
  7. Press & PR – Online voter engagement and community building can help spread your message beyond the limits of traditional campaigns and empower previously unrepresented groups of voters.
  8. Media Training – Modern political campaigns take place across multiple platforms and attract diverse audiences. We can train your campaign team to always present its best side to the media and the public.
  9. Counter Operations – Campaigns can be designed that demonstrate the weaknesses and negative personality traits of the opposition in a way that highlights their failings without appearing overly aggressive.

Political Public Relations

Polltics engage stakeholders such as politicians, bureaucrats, public and local communities, corporate, policy makers, think tanks, business groups, NGOs and the media, In order to explain organizational policies and views on public policy issues, assisting policy makers and legislators in amending or laying down better policy and legislation.

Polltics provide statistical and factual information and lobby on issues which could impact upon the organization’s ability to operate successfully.

  1. Public Relations — Via public relations, an organization or individual through purposeful communication and action seeks to influence, establish, build, and maintain beneficial relationships and reputations with its key publics to help support its mission and achieve its goals.
  2. Public Affairs— We manages relations between organizations and politicians, governments and other decision-makers. Public Affairs combine government relations, media communications, issue management, information dissemination and strategic communications advice.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – We will be focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility, balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives, Triple Bottom Line Approach and addressing the expectations of all stakeholders.

Polltics is India’s first Political Public Relations Agency especially brought to existence to provide Professional Assistance to Political Aspirants, Political Candidates, Political Stalwarts, Political Parties in India. Polltics offers scientific and methodical strategies  by which a Political Party(s) or an individual(s) can achieve their Political ambitions, influences the mindsets, and maintain beneficial relationships and reputations with its key publics.


  • Print Media Management
  • Public Opinion Poll
  • Political Environment Mapping
  • Winnability Quotient
  • Electronic Media Management
  • Socio-economic and political profile compilation
  • Social Media Management – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube      
  • Media Support to the visit of Senior Leaders/Star Campaigners.           
  • Press Releases
  • Perception mapping
  • Press Conference
  • Study on party achievements
  • Speech Writing
  • Candidate profiling
  • Slogan Development
  • Sample survey (internal / external use)
  • Content Development
  • Media management
  • Campaign Material Design, Development and Printing
  • Campaigning – road shows, padyatras, rallies,events etc
  • Strategic inputs
  • Videos Production
  • Competition Mapping
  • On-the-ground Surveys

The above deliverables, though necessary for the best interests of the party, involves in-depth research to achieve credible results. The first thing the party has to do is to analyze the current political environment in the state and assess its own position vis-à-vis the position of the competing political parties. Polltics has to its credit successfully handling Pre-Election, Election and Post-Election campaigns of political heavy weights and political parties both at national as well as regional level.