Political Technologies

Polltics technology consulting has provided a full spectrum of quality technology services for nearly half-decade. Our deep domain expertise is in political campaigns, government programs, data management expertise, and specialized technical expertise provides an integrated service offering based upon a proven record of successfully serving our customers. It might involve recommending and actualizing certain product or equipment arrangements into the business, individual or organization keeping in mind the end goal to streamline certain procedures by expanding productivity and cutting expenses. Polltics Political Technology develops sophisticated techniques based on behaviour psychology, history and cultural and linguistic studies.

  1. COMMUNICATIONS— Polltics Communication services includes, bulk SMS, Cloud Telephony, Digital platforms i.e. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn etc, Email, Whatsapp, Blogs, IVR messages, customized promotions and marketing communication solutions for political, public, social and organizational needs. Micro-targeted messages based on digital footprints based behavioural psychographics.
  2. INTELLIGENCE — Polltics intelligence technology includes political monitoring & intelligence, political and policy research and strategic advice. We make sure our clients to have the most effective, up to date information at their fingertips. We combine intelligence technology, analytics and language skills to perform investigations and monitoring for our clients.
  3. SECURITY-– Polltics as an information security technology provider is to make sure we keep providing the solutions that are capable of responding to the needs of our clients and organizations, affording them the right levels of protection. It also means continuing to engage with government’s decision makers and organizations in an advisory capacity, promoting best practices for information security.
  4. DIGITAL TARGETING- Polltics use advanced data analytics to identify groups of voters who share demographics, political beliefs and lifestyle, and use this insight to create unique messages designed to resonate with them. Our team of creative staff are adept at designing compelling messages that connect the ideals and interests of voters to the objectives of our political clients. Candidates in any situation rely on an ability to communicate with the electorate and have their messages resonate with voters. Online voter engagement and community building can help spread your message beyond the limits of traditional campaigns and empower previously unrepresented groups of voters.