About Us!

Polltics is an emerging leader in political consulting & public opinion research in India.

Polltics conducts opinion research, political environment mapping, end to end election campaign management, digital media management, advance data-driven voter profiling & micro-targeting and all other type of political consulting activities.

About Us




We are a Political Consulting Organisation with an experience in Election Management. We break down silos of information to create a cross-organizational view of your work. Our data and analytics teams will help you build a more effective — and cost efficient — strategy to meet your goals.

Our team is well aware and equipped about the pressures of a campaign and to manage them respectively. We combine technology with cutting edge scientific research to produce insights by analyzing data from a range of sources so we can discover and understand crucial information flows and connections.

We partner with national policy makers, governments institutions , NGO’s, Media houses, corporate organizations to enhance their data set of information, as its research is focused on producing accurate data that compels decisions to power engagement, strategy for government, marketing & communications that derives results adding value to their output.


Founded in 2015 on the belief that political consulting can be a force for good. Polltics is home to some of the most talented and experienced communicators in the business. A reputed and outstanding political consulting & strategic communications firm, Polltics seeks to create real and lasting change that positively impacts Politicians, Political Parties and Political or Non-Political Organizations. We apply proven techniques to take on pressing issues and policies. With offices in New Delhi, Noida, and Bangalore, as well as staff in Mumbai, our team of 40 plus professionals helps national and state governments, politicians, political organizations, nonprofits, associations and business corporations to achieve their goals

POLLTICS has a formidable track record in the past for delivering electoral success. By breaking down issues and the electorate in a scientific way we help Ministers and candidates to present their policies and communicate with their audience in more polished ways. With a suite of products and services POLLTICS combines cadre & data-driven messaging and years of electoral experience to give your campaign the winning edge.

Our research techniques are unique in a way that they not only draw conclusions or solutions based on psychographic and behavioural insights, but also in that they have been honed through two decades of practical field application. POLLTICS’s in-house research staff consistently works with local canvassers and candidate supporters to provide a powerful mixture of local knowledge assessed via our proprietary techniques. Looking at features such as the psychological structure of the electorate, the robustness of a campaign management organization and various big data sources, POLLTICS is prepared to offer a thoroughly insightful analysis of a candidate’s electoral environment. Our qualitative and quantitative research seeks to understand communities’ households and individuals, to develop a deep understanding of the electorate in order to drive behaviour change.

Polltics has been provided the stronger relationship between data and decisions. Basically, it combines the predictive data analytics, behavioral sciences, and innovative ad tech into one integrated approach.

With the use of Polltics sophisticated procedures, you can engage the voters more effectively and efficiently. Polltics is providing an advantage of improving your reputation and promotional effectiveness by influencing the voter behaviour with the use of behavioural sciences, predictive analytics, data driven solutions, and other technological benefits.

Efficiency and Transparency

Polltics does not hide any margins on CPM rates. That means, the data driven insights allows to focus the investment on your best voters. It supplies real-time reporting dashboards which lets to view the true ROI of your campaigns.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

It has included a global team of data scientists, psychologists, and digital marketing experts, PR media strategists, who always strive to deliver a holistic approach to exceeding the political & commercial goals. Polltics data driven insights provide you different tools that needed to cut through crowded promotional landscape and speak directly to the voters and your targeted audience.

Polltics has a formidable track record across India for delivering electoral success. By breaking down issues and the electorate in a scientific way we help MLAs, MPs and political candidates to better present their policies and communicate with their audience. With a suite of products and services Polltics combines data-driven messaging and years of electoral experience to give your campaign the winning edge.


Polltics team have worked in 15 different states with different political and political parties. By embedding with these data instruments, you can add to your own voter data and gain the benefit of establishing custom target audiences which lets to engage and motivate the individuals.


We here at polltics want to make elections a level playing field for everyone who wish to be a part of our nation’s Political System.


Polltics aim is to provide all possible  suport toour clients in a scientific, sophisticated  and organised manner inorder to bring out the best possible results.

Polltics Aim / Motto:

  • Through our Public Opinion Research: Turn Questions Into Answers (The purpose of an election survey is to predict the outcome of the election).
  • By our Election Strategies: Turn voters in your favor. Polltics works as your political mission partner.
  • By our Political Consulting: Regaining Lost Vote Bank & improving Political reputation.
  • This is just a myth that I know everyone in my constituency and vice versa that why people will vote me but actually it is a matter of each individual perception towards you and your party. Polltics will help in your image building. (Know you à Like you à Trust youàVote YouàEndorsed you) eg: TN Sheshan, Jayaprakash Narayan etc.
  • Don’t under spend, spend appropriately and spend correctly, getting the level of spend right is indeed a matter of experience and expertise. If you under-spend then you waste the entire amount but if you over-spend then you wasted only over-spend amount.

Why every Political candidate/Political party needs Polltics:

  1. Just after announcement / declaration of ticket, a good percentage of party local leaders, cadre / workers become disappoint. Your close friends & family members & other Campaign workers who really haven’t had much serious experience in election work.
  1. Often the canvasser has one strategy; the advertising agency has another, while the candidate’s close advisers have several more. When there are no common criteria, there are many strategies. When there are many strategies, there is no strategy.
  1. There are more efforts involved in large political campaigns than most people realize, and the candidate often doesn’t have the experience–and certainly doesn’t have the time. A new generation of voters with different outlook than their parents needs to be reached out.
  2. Politics in India is going through a phase of transition with new ideas replacing the old. Against all odds, unexpected victory of (BJP) Mr. Narendra Modi As PM, AAP Victory & BJP’s Defeat in Delhi, similarly Victory of JDU alliances in Bihar is nothing but fine example of role of strategic Political Management By professionals where focus was on Branding, communication, deciding mind catching agendas & Ear Catching slogans played a deciding roles to push / pull voters.
  1. Election campaigns are complex processes and losing an election can be very costly. Elections Are Opportunity which Comes Once In 5 Years. Let Manage It Wisely At Any Cost.