For Corporates


Political developments and policy changes create both risks and opportunities to an organization. We ensure our clients are kept up to speed and can plan effectively by tracking the political discourse of all relevant institutions and stakeholders, whilst providing analysis and recommendations to key developments. We make sure our clients have relevant and up to date information at hand, enabling them to campaign with useful facts and figures at their fingertips.

The policy making process is full of opportunities for stakeholder input and it is here where we help our clients contribute effectively. We undertake a range of activities to ensure they meet with key influencers, participate during formal consultation periods and use specific platforms to raise awareness of their position. From meeting programmes, to consultation responses through to policy events and legislative proposals, we assist in putting forward the case to the policymakers. We have extensive experience in bringing together several organizations and stakeholders to campaign cohesively across various communication channels. This includes managing industry trade associations across different sectors, as well as single-issue alliances on specific campaigns. Our work includes support on strategy, lobbying, PR, marketing, events and administration to ensure a fully integrated approach.

We offer the following solutions for Corporate organizations

  1. #MR (Market Research)
  2. #SC (Political Intelligence)
  3. #TM (Targeted Campaigns)
  4. #IT (Impact Testing)
  5. # AM (Advocacy & Mobilization)