We are a LLP (initally it was Partnership) firm offering consulting services in the field of politics.

Q.1 What is Political Consulting?

A.1 Political Consulting involves advising the political players about their positioning vis-à-vis the competitors, canvassing support, marketing ideas, generating interest among the electorate, policy analysis, conflict resolution etc. It sits at the intersection of traditional PR, modern political communication and campaign strategy.

Q.2 Why political consulting?

A.2 We believe that politics in India is going through a phase of transition with new ideas replacing the old. With the advent of modern technology the old ways of communicating the ideas, campaigning, canvassing support and conveying the ideology etc. are changing. A new generation of voters with a different outlook than their parents needs to be reached out. The processes of political mobilization which determine the electoral performances are undergoing a shift. Social media marketing, 3d campaigns etc. are the new currents in the Indian political ocean.

Q.3 Do I really need your services? I have been in politics long before you?

A.3 Unlike United States, traditionally Indian political parties do not hire political consultants. Instead, an internal system of strategic thinking, data gathering, analysis, marketing and campaigning run by the members of the party itself is at place. We understand that. But with growing competition, aggressive use of innovative methods to reach the voters and a rising awareness among the electorate we expect that in today’s complex scenario Indian politics requires a support system which could help them steer through the complexities of politics and win. We are working in that direction.

Q.4 How can you help my poll campaign?

A.4 Our firm is supported by leading and most efficient campaign management and poll strategy team thus leverage the expertise of the best in the field. With our skills in management fused with cutting edge expertise in political communication, strategy and brand building and conflict resolution, we can contribute to your success.

Q.5 How do you help a candidate or a party?

A.5 We are a constant companion to the candidate, preparing him/her for field visits, public speaking, policy/ issue awareness and interviews with media. This is based on the socio-economic and demographic analysis of the constituency and the profile of the candidate. We help build the image required to be perceived as best candidate. We stay informed about Election Commission’s regulations to keep party/candidate updated. We keep an eye on all media channel and newspaper for related news to candidate and party. We also assist political parties prepare their manifesto which reflects the aspiration of the electorate and the agenda for the future. We provide services at the grass root level in panchayat elections to the national level in parliamentary elections.  We also leverage our strong network of Strategic partners and domain experts which can help in tailoring strategy and meet other needs as and when required.

Q.6 I have engaged a PR firm to manage my public affairs. Why do I need your services?

A.6 Political parties are engaging PR firms, marketing firms, media consultants and research analysts for political campaigns. We bring all these ancillary services on one platform in a most cohesive form. Politics is demanding and challenging work. For politicians the resources – time and money have to be utilized prudently. We believe that this is the time political campaigns assume a more professional shape, utilize resources – capital and knowledge in the best possible way.

Q.7 Are you a PR firm ? Do you do surveys?

A.7 We are not a research firm or a PR firm or a marketing firm or an event management firm. We are souly into survey and analysis. But  in the course of our work we do use aforementioned domains.

Q.8 Tell me more about yourselves ?

A.8 We are uniquely positioned vis-à-vis Indian politics. We are passionate and knowledgeable about politics and its working in India yet are completely objective with out outlook towards it.  

Q.9 What is your fees?

A.9 Our fees totally depends on the project and varies acordingly to the client requirements and customizations. Also we help the party/candidate meet the cap fixed by Election Commission for expense during election campaign as we act as ‘one- point’ of contact for all the services.

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