Political Consulting and Indian Democracy

Political consulting and Indian Democracy

During twentieth centuries, in Indian democracy political campaigns were run by political parties volunteers, family members and friends of candidates; but as party loyalties among

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How to beat a powerful Incumbent !

On Twitter, Smriti Irani quoted a line by famous Hindi poet Dushyant Kumar, to celebrate the landmark moment, “Kaun kehta hai aasmaan mein suraakh nahin

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Indian Elections Get a New Umpire

Election Commission

Ahead of the most awaited crucial 2019 general elections which is expected to be too noisy and firy, a career bureaucrat Mr Sunil Arora is

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Sikkim: Will PARIBARTAN be the new way for Sikkim.

Sikkim today is on the entryways of PARIBARTAN. Will PS Golay will start his victory game or Pawan Chamling will be retained. Maybe this is

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Mizoram Assembly Elections 2018: A Multi-faced Junction

  The state that fought the one of longest and deadliest battle of identity is at the multi-faced junction. The state has suffered enough under

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Assembly Election 2018 Rajasthan: Political Polarization

The land of Aravallis is yet again ready for the political Pushkar. All hearts are dancing to the beats of the upcoming election. But the

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