Political Consulting and Indian Democracy

Political consulting and Indian Democracy

During twentieth centuries, in Indian democracy political campaigns were run by political parties volunteers, family members and friends of candidates; but as party loyalties among

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How to beat a powerful Incumbent !

On Twitter, Smriti Irani quoted a line by famous Hindi poet Dushyant Kumar, to celebrate the landmark moment, “Kaun kehta hai aasmaan mein suraakh nahin

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Haryana Assembly Election – Power Game of Succession

haryana_election New

 Haryana since its advent (1966) has faced nepotism of Congress (INC) in its political scenario. These long uninterrupted stints of Congress came to an end

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Telangana:- Will the TRS Gambling pay-off or Boomerang?


Since time immemorial, we have seen that, the leaders or parties who have fought for people’s identity or state recognition, have become the sword holder

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Jual Oram: Will the lady luck smile again?

Like in the case of most of the politicians, luck has always played a vital role in the rise of tribal affairs minister Jual Oram.

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